Why are Republicans Afraid of a Recount?

Third party nominee, Jill Stein, is calling for a recount in 4 states and has raised $5 million to do it. So why are republicans doing everything they can dream up to stop it? what are they hiding? Trump himself said it was rigged and that he actually won the majority vote. Apparently he's not eager to prove that. The first claim was that it would cost taxpayers too much. This from the people who had 9 that's nine Benghazi trials.. The fact that it won't cost taxpayers a dime is irrelevant I guess. So they switched gears saying a recount in Wisc. that cost $500,000 in 2011 would now cost 3.5 million. As if Scott Walker had raised salaries by a factor of 7 in 5 years. Could it be the 3 million plus suppressed votes weren't enough?