If Trump is refusing to do intelligence briefings, he might as well fast forward to his inevitable downfall and just stay in bed.

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Learn it now...or learn it 4 or 8 years from now...lol

I thought Obama was going to destroy us..
Economically, patriotically, racially and otherwise..

I stayed strong for 8 years..

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I'll never wish he was back in charge..him or any previous president..they had their time.

The point i was making, when i said "I thought Obama was going to destroy us"..is that...that's the common feeling when the person someone didn't vote for, wins.

In the grand scheme of things, it wouldn't have mattered to me if Hillary had won..

I wouldn't have liked it but the bottom line is...i have to go on with my life..

I wouldn't stay constantly complaining about Hillary, because that wouldn't accomplish anything...except wasting my time..

Trump could do 1000 good things but for the person that didn't vote for him...they're going to latch on to something negative...1000 times..

That's just the way it is...no matter what side someone is on..

That's one of a couple of reasons...why politics are really just a back and forth, waste of time to discuss..

Trump doesn't care about the presidency. If anything, he will be a part time president, he will continue on with his reality shows, making money, and his supporters will soon find out what a phony and scam artist he really is. They are already finding out he lied to them about "lock her up" Hillary. He just said that to get votes.

Oh, and by the way, why do we never see his wife, Melania, I predicted months back that they don't get along, and a divorce is pending. She will continue to stay out of the public eye as long as she can, and in 4 years, if Trump is able to stay in power that long, then there will be a divorce.

We can hope.

His downfall? I would say it will be this country's downfall, and he will come out of it, richer than ever.

well at least if he does nothing he can't further destroy the USA. Hilary would not sleep until USA was destroyed

I seem to recall the same being reported about Obama and it turned out he was receiving written briefings daily on a tablet. I wonder, since Trump appears to be tech savvy, if Trump is doing the same. Not that the anti-Trump media would bother to report that.

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What he doesn't want is the waste of his time being told the exact same thing he was told the previous time. When something has changed he wants to know immediately.
He has not said he doesn't want the briefings - just don't waste his time telling him the same thing over and over and over again. I find that very efficient use of time.