Be careful who you vent to. A listening ear may also have a running mouth. Amirite?

Image for post Be careful who you vent to.  A listening ear may also have a running mouth.  Amirite?
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That's for sure, Mogal. I learned from experience.

Yes. People have to be careful who they trust. There's many backstabbers in the world.

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The more people you share with, the greater risk to adversity.

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I honestly don't care. There is one here who thinks "bro" is black slang (but for MY sake, not their's, I won't name them). I have a low patience for morons. Shows you just how dumb our world is getting. Not you Mogal. She agreed with this guy's answers. This guy happens to think that it's black slang.

Besides, I don't fear cause anyone who plots against me is gonna get it. I already have two former teachers of mine in trouble.

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I let my guard down on Soda Head, and got my ass kicked in return.

Never again.

Another imbecile I ran into said the North didn't have the same open racism as the South in 1964. And that "Selma" is realistic. What? That's why, I suppose, the Marion lynchings in 1930 got arrests. Marion is in South - oh wait, that's right... INDIANA, you imbeciles. Where do people get their "facts" from? A cereal box? And no it's not a matter of liberal or conservative. I am deliberately being mean - to idiots. Next thing you know he'll say "bro" is black or white in origin. And just now I realized that this moron from Denmark thinks "bro" is black in origin.

because many people of today just live to "gos-sip"!! They truly are a bunch of cluckety-cluckin' hens who have nothing better to do but "cluck around" the hen house all day!

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