You can wave your hand through the smoke and watch it spiral. Not much action tonight. Janis Joplin is on the Juke box and I keep knocking the cue ball around to the song. Been a long night. The rails are already white from hand chalk. That's when the Frat boys walk in. Far louder than the music that everybody was listening to. I am simply closest. "Hey guys! I've got this table for another half hour if you want to play for free!" They agree. "Who's playing first?" I flip the coin and "their guy" breaks first. I've practiced that flip. He's not horrible. The 3 and the 7 go in right off the break. If I was him I would have easily won now. The 1 in the side pocket is easy. He doesn't even look at the 9 near the corner. He wins the first round and I buy them all a round of drinks. Money starts floating on the table. I win a couple and lose more. They never realize I haven't finished my drink since the beginning. I let them bet high before I ever bring it up. They go $1,000. I admit I only have $700 on me but I go to the ATM. I sway in front of the ATM for a couple minutes trying to make it give me my money. I put my thousand on the table and say "all money on the table". They look at Eachother and laugh, three of them go to the same ATM. And come up with the thousand. I win the toss. I win the break. I clear the table including the 9 in under two minutes. He never even gets a chance to play. I go to collect my money. Two of them get pretty loud until they realize the music has stopped and everybody in the entire pool hall is staring at them. I get my money and they leave. I go put another quarter in the juke box. I put back on Janis Joplin and I keep bouncing that cue ball off the rails. Damn, I love pool. :)