Do people misunderstand some of your statements?

It's very frustrating.
For instance when I say people who say "bro" is black, white or Visigothic slang are idiots, it has nothing to do with racism or stereotypes. This has to do with etymology and with getting facts about which race uses it wrong.
It has nothing to do with whether I like it or not.
Second of all, I love the word. Hence I would say "bro"-hating "Friends"-watcher, as an insult. "Bro"-hating means you hate the word. My descriptor is an insult.
Simply put, saying those stupid statements is along the lines of saying the moon was never landed on, or that "Seinfeld" began in 1996, not that "black people [do this]" or "Indians [do that]." Very different type of subject. The idea that those statements are misconceptions is even more stupid.
Another idiocy is these imbeciles who say Visigothic girls are the most broish. Which has nothing to do with whether I love broish girls or not.

So yeah it's very frustrating when people misread my questions.
But that's not as bad as the idiots who say the statements above.

Have you ever had people misread your statements before asking?

And yes as you've probably concluded, I'm half Visigothic (Guzman, that side, as you probably concluded, is a racist family who hates the word and loves "Friends"), possibly 40% Rivera (the "bro"-saying side), and possibly possibly Italian (another "bro"-saying side) :D

67% Yes 33% No 0% Other
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