Is it bad to take someone's stupidity and exagerrate it in other things?

I'm doing a character based on that very Mary Beltran I had talked about but instead of it just being because she thinks "bro" is Visigothic slang, I go and extend that in everything else. In my show I plan I writing, not only does she idiotically spout how "bro" is Visigothic slang, also, she manages to destroy houses, be a total clutz, ruin a garage, and get herself kicked out everywhere she goes. My phobia of her runs that deep. She's a feminist so I don't treat her as a girly girl. She's not just an idiot but a dumb version of Steve Urkel almost.

In one scene, she gets stomped on by accident by a fatter father and his son in an accidnet, reminiscent of the season 4 opener of "Family Matters" called called "Surely you Joust."

BTW, I'm not presenting this as facts except for the "bro" part. So it wouldn't be slander.

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