Does making a willful choice equate to suicide (9/11 jumpers)?

I ask because people say "choice" as though the 9/11 victims jumped because of the fires.
I think 90% of the jumpers got so hopeless about their situation, they decided to leap and end it all and painlessly. And if the choice comes because of the fault of someone else (in this case terrorists), it's definitely not suicide. I don't think the fires were always the reason for jumping. Mind you the first one who fell, at 8:51 from the 93rd floor was actually said to have been blinded.
But back to this, also, I think many knew they were going to die but wanted death on their own terms rather than on the terrorists terms. Like one tribute video said, if they could escape via the roof, they would have. If they could go down they would have. Willful choice doesn't make it suicide. These were homicides. All those people who jumped were murdered.
"Choice" doesn't mean "suicide."
The only ones who committed suicide that day were the terrorists.

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