So.....if we anger china just enough, how many jobs will be lost because we cant get parts to build our products? Production on certain items is already often slowed because of shipping and poor quality causing temporary shutdowns. I get that the little pieces and parts production should never have gone there, but it did. The president elect is ignoring decades old policy that is important to our economy. I realize that it is teetering, but yhe wrong move could topple it. Look up authoritarian leader. Hmmm

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That IS a grand plan. I had friends who worked in several of those places in the seventies and eighties. Guess what. They couldnt make thise brake pedals cheap enough or pay their people little enough to make it. They are long gone. Grommets, wire harnesses, window shutters, i could go on. Now its little electronic parts and pieces. The cost to build the buildings ramp up the processes and produce would be way more then the return would be worth. Unless of course the tax payers paid as we did to carrier. There are answers, but that isnt one of them. People dont want to listen to real solutions

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Well. Renewable energy for one. Windvturbines, water turbines, solar panels. All have to be manufactured and erected and maintained.. how many homes are built each year? Plumbing could make a huge comeback if we could get young peopke intetested in trades. Water, radient heat systems arecthe ticket. Its more effecient, more comfortable, and uses more copper pipe. More jobs. And i know mr. trump has,spiken of infrastrucure, they all have. In the meantime our bridges and roadways are not only crumbling but also poorly planned in many areas. I dont know, hemp factories for paper, fabric, rope, ganga. There a couple anyway. But again, im afraid that people truly are anticipating the return of manufacturing facilities that are long since gone. New business could be compelled to stay, maybe quality craftsmenship in clothing, new homes, whatever, could make a comeback. Its much easier to pay up for something that lasts more then a year. Now im just throwing stuff out there. But i hope you get whete im coming from

@Carla Well. Renewable energy for one. Windvturbines, water turbines, solar panels. All have to be manufactured and...

If wind and solar ever become truly viable alternatives - the industry will explode! And I for one will be right there with it. Right now however the industry is still in it's infancy - cost benefit isn't right.

ALL your other ideas are great! And exactly what Trump and the rest of America is looking for. We're on the same page here.

There are plans to encourage business to stay in America and even move back to America. That's part of the plan!

Ikr? He has said he is smarter then everyone else in the past. He says its the same ole, same ole and it bores him. Thats brilliant. Has to make decisions on very short notice so hes gonna, i guess, wing it.

Perhaps it would be a good time to invest in American companies and make our own small parts and cheap crap. What a novel idea! Making our own parts for our own equipment!

I got news for you Carla, you can't get parts for Chinese made product now! No one bitches, they just a new machine. Buy American made products!

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Yes it does. And now north korea is practicing how to take the south korean presidential house. Who knows with them, and if china is put off enough by trumps actions they will just look the other way if korea goes off. That little guy is nuts

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Dont care...u may have to go thai

Not sure, but the US trade deficit with China was $366 billion in 2015. They're ready eating our lunch. If this was anywhere near equitable we would have many more manufacturing jobs.

Trump is not thinking about the ramifications if he makes China mad. And he doesn't care. Today he said he was so smart that he didn't have to listen to the intelligence reports. What an idiot he is.

I would love to see those parts made in the usa again. But the products we get elsewhere are just sooo much cheaper. Finished product cost would become unaffordable. Not only here but what other countries pay for our goods. And even if those jobs came back, who is going to fill them?? Not many people in the work force now qill take a job fir minimum wage as it isnt a living wage. And that what is paid to unskilled workers. Where i live, fast food joints are starting new hires at 11 dollars an hour. They cant fill those positions.

Most of our military electronics are made in China. We are not even equipped to test them, so you can assume that they have trojans which the Chinese can activate any time. That's not hard to do, and it's almost impossible to find after it's done.

There was a day when we built our own parts. The quality was better and it provided jobs for Americans. Why is it important that we continue to get products from outside the country?