Does anyone notice the subtle change in the length of the day coming to and passing the winter solstice?

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Yes, i notice all year too. I wait patiently for 12/21 each year as the days get start to lengthen again. Gets me a little cliser to warmth

Yes, i notice it right through the year, mainly because half the year I have to wake up before sunrise and the other half it's after.

Only thing I notice these days, is how much I really don't like the cold anymore. I used to tolerate it better. Bring on Spring!

It gets light here right now around eight and the sun sets just after 5. Ahhh, but summertime......light at 6 and not dark till 10

I don't notice. It's more like I figure it out.

I hate when I lay down for a nap in the afternoon and wake up thinking I'm late for work in the morning and it's still evening. It can only happen one day a year.

Interesting. This year I've been more tuned into it...

It doesn't seem so subtle to me! By the time I get home for work, there is no daylight to work outside! I'm looking forward to the days getting longer instead of shorter.

The solstice is coming on the 21st!
[No Virginia, I will not be roasting a goat!]
They days will be getting a teensy bit longer starting then.

Yes, if you look up the time or compare the figures of sunrise and sunset times, for instance in London:

According to London statistics, the day length, since December 22 amounts to
+ 29 seconds ...

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