Do you think slugs ever get jealous of snails? Slugs got the short end of the evolutionary stick. Snails get a suit of armor while slugs run around naked. Amirite ?

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The slugs would never have known if the snails would have kept their big mouths shut. The poor slugs don't even have ears.

Cheshire - Silly you! Those naked slugs are naked by choice! They've seen the light, shed their inhibitions and tossed their shells away!

Do you think yeasts look down on bacteria, and those even stupider viruses?

Oh I and my garden dislike both those wormy things.

I doubt it. The slugs have probably noticed just how puny that suit of armor most snails have is. Still...maybe. :)

Humm I may be wrong but it seems to me slugs become snails. Some group in this state decided we needed more snails so they let a bunch go and now they crawl around as slugs then become snails and crawl up onto my house, most nasty when my dog decides the look like food ewww. .