Big business and big money shape pur laws. Been doing it for longer then any of us have been on earth. Cannabis was illegalized because it would cut into the profits of thebpiwerful dupont and hearst familys of the early 20th century. It was all about newspapers and the wood pulp that was used to make it. At the time it was being stufied and used...[Show All] medicinally. Covertly it was demonized in films like reefer madness and bogus claims of violence and interracial relationships. Iwhen big pharmacy realized that there was no money in it for them as it was easily produced by anyone they too jumped on the demonization bandwagon. Big money and big business dictated laws and policies then, it continues now. Your presodent elect is a very entrenched member of that elitist crowd. Gor him it will always be about the benjamins. [Show Less]

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You are right, she wasnt my first pick. .But she was certainly the lesser of two evils. At least she had spent most of a lifetime in public service. She may have made errors, but she did some good too. And she came from a modest background, she at least knows what that looks,and feels like.

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It does. But legaizing cannabis and farming it on a large scale wand could at least produce jobs and taxes. And do us all a favir by mostly eliminating the criminal element. The reason it is a schedule 1 drug is what intriques me.

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Don't kid yourself - the Clintons are definitely the elite, and it is definitely about the 'benjamins' for them.

Don't kid yourself - drug money has been in the pockets of politicians for decades, and goes all the way to the top of the food chain.