Is Rosie Perez an imbecile?

Gosh, she's annoying. If it ain't Beltran, it's her. She thinks "Seinfeld" is racist to non-whites because of the Puerto Rican flag episode. What is she smoking? Seriously, no Rivera or Delgado (real Hispanic) I know is annoyed by that episode. First of all Puerto Rican is an ethnicity, and second of all, given the history that country is more white than anything. And another thing, it seems the episode was anti-white cause at least the Ricans acted white in this one, included one who shouted, "Someone's burning the Puerto Rican flag." Sounded very white. Perez is yet another imbecile who doesn't know a fucking thing of what she talks about. No wonder Tomei is her friend. Both of them are annoying.