What The Heck Is Boxing Day?

I thought Kwanza was confusing - but Boxing Day beats it by a mile! I looked it up[ on Wikipedia and even they don't know. It started in the 1700's I guess and is explained as floowos - "A present or gratuity given at Christmas: in Great Britain, usually confined to gratuities given to those who are supposed to have a vague claim upon the donor for services rendered to him as one of the general public by whom they are employed and paid, or as a customer of their legal employer; the undefined theory being that as they have done offices for this person, for which he has not directly paid them, some direct acknowledgement is becoming at Christmas."

Well, WTF does THAT mean? And why does every one get the day off? And why is it a big shopping day? Apparently there are state holidays some places
in the USA - but they don't call it Boxing Day

This is all too loosely structured people! Is this like Senior skip out day? You know, you're not supposed to do it, but everyone knows you're gonna do it, so it's OK that you do it - even though you're not supposed to do it? Is it like that?

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It wasn't only the 'super rich' who had servants, but many middle and upper middle class could afford a cook and maid. Boxing Day (Boxing is a British name for Present) was traditionally the day the employers gave gifts (Boxes) to their employee and gave them the day off. Today in the UK it's a "Bank Holiday" and gifts (Boxes) are often given to churches and organizations for the poor.


Well, thank you DWF. Finally, an explanation that makes some kind of sense!

I think it is day after christmas you box up things you can donate and give to the poor, tis an English thing sp Platnum will know best.

It's the national day that you put all of your stuff into boxes. I just finished putting stuff into boxes as a show of patriotism.

my birthday thats what boxing day is haha

That day Canadians celebrate boxing.

It's English. The English are like the Japanese in doing unexplained crap, except, like everything else, the Japanese are more gonzo about it.