Do you believe this "be a role model" stupifies our tough guys in Hollywood?

For me, respect and love come hand in hand. When I saw "Full House" there is something about Jessie that is stupid. By nature he's ghetto, but it seems he's trying to repress it for the sake of being a "role model." And having moments of properness. in fact, that crosses over to professionalism. One thing I like about Riveras and Delgados
when they do a job in NY for instance, they talk and act as themselves. They don't try to comform to something else.

Professionalism isn't how you speak or personality as much as it's about behaving with class on the job. Like come on, bro, ghetto people are naturally good folks.

I don't say this cause his character is Greek so much, but as a Latino, I'm sorry but I can tell stupidity when I see it.
A true "bro"-sayer is their own man (and the broish sisses included). Women are supposed to be soft and docile. I find Uncle Jesse that to be stupid. That is not natural. Tough "bro"-saying Greek guy trying to fit in a little with the whites? That is not natural. Talk white only if that's who you are. My criticism is on him and this role model ****. Be yourself. "Role model" crap is nonsense. Everyone naturally hates nonsense. You don't gotta be a role model to be into that.