The Electoral College Convenes This Coming Monday To Cast Its Vote For The Presidency. Michael Moore Anticipates That Trump Will Lose In The E.C. Vote. What Say You? Will It Break From The Norm And Make History On Monday, 12/19?

Here's What Happens If the Electoral College Refuses to Vote For TrumpThe path to the White House is long, but for Donald Trump, it could turn out to be longer than for any president-elect in recent memory. Trump has been a
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I'm praying very hard that Trump will not become our president. That's all I can do. I just hope the electorals do their patriotic duty, see that Trump is not fit to be president of anything, and do what is right for our country.

He's already been in many fights with others, the union guy in Indiana, the intelligence agency, many conflicts of interest, in bed with Putin. If the electorals don't see that he will ruin our country, there's nothing we can do now.

And now they are saying that Trump knew that Putin was hacking into the DNC and causing Hillary to lose so he could be president.

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I have no idea who Joy Behar is, but It doesn't fit with my opinion either. Countless CIA agencies have now made it very clear that Putin did hack into our election process....whether Democrat or Republican, to help Trump get elected...everyone should be concerned about that. And I don't have much confidence in Comey for that last comment about Hillary's emails when there was nothing to it. And still Trump doesn't believe that the Russians had anything to do with, even being told by Comey. Trump thinks he knows more than the generals, more than the CIA and the FBI....that's what scares me so and everyone else should be just as scared.

What I am mad about is why Obama didn't act on this information before the election.

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It was reported that 16 intelligence agencies have reported the same thing. You're wrong, Congress has been briefed, I was just listening to Diane Feinstein a few minutes ago. And she was briefed. I think they should declassify what they know and let the American people know what has happened. But there are some Trump supporters who won't believe anything about him. They seem to think he's God Almighty. I guess because he's rich. Heaven help us all.

Every American should be very concerned about this hacking by Russia, even if it doesn't have anything to do with Trump, this is a threat against us.


Love Joy Behar.

probably not.

As much as the Left/Socialists/Globalists want those members of the Electoral College who are supposed to vote for Trump to vote against him, I doubt more than 3 or 4 will. What amazes me is what poor loosers these people are!

@Seonag As much as the Left/Socialists/Globalists want those members of the Electoral College who are supposed to vote for...

Yes,definitely poor losers. I hope you are right, but I have no doubt at all that the dems are doing everything legal and illegal to overturn the election. The fact that Trump won in all but about 55 counties in the whole country means absolutely nothing to them. And this hacking they are claiming by Russia - done by a dem insider.

Discord and disruption brings on quiet and dangerous takeovers

I can't see it happening.

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I've never heard a satisfactory answer to what the electoral college is suppose to do. One person, one vote is obviously a myth.

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I think the EC vote will be making news - but Trump will still win.

It's all a prelude to the new whiny mantra of change the Constitution! We can't win if everyone knows how rotten we are!