Im wondering????? When i go to the home page, im seeing posts featured that went on up to a year ago.

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Well, yes i suppose there is a question. If the posts are older doesnt that mean the conversation is old too? Would newer posts not produce fresher conversation? I may just be ignorant to the way this thing works.

Well see, an answer. A good one too. Thank you ser.

sometimes longer

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All good. I think this post has run its course anyway

I know, im sorry, i didnt realize how vague it was. I am pleased that there WAS an answer. And you gave me a good avenue to reach newer posts, thank you

I don't know - jury is still out for me on that topic. I mean, some of the the topics and discussion certainly have 'expiration dates' on them. But, in the same way in can be interesting to look through old magazines and newspapers to see what was going on - some of the old posts and comments I think can be fun!

Oh, and members that are always predicting stuff - cool to see how they fared.

Oh! That gives me an idea for a post that could be fun for all!

I've noticed that too. I think it's because there aren't many members so they kinda recycle stuff. I've seen some interesting ones from over a year ago.

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You won. All the ? marks and nonsense is gone. And......i have responded to several of those "old" posts;)