Are Liberals racist (UK)?

Their sympathies are more to a racist country like Scotland, and I can't respect that. I don't think all Scots are bad, but it was under Liberals that, for instance, "Friends" got irritating popular in the UK.

Conservatives love "Seinfeld" and the word "bro" a lot. Normally I would consider England a Latin country but given the Glorious Revolution, I don't trust Labour. They wanna be Scots. Not that are all Scots are racist.

Given that I think Labour is like the Republicans (or really more like racist Democrats) and Tories are like the hardcore Dems, this is the only time I side with something that is more like the Dems over something more like Republicans.

75% Yes 25% No 0% Other
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All humans are racist.
All liberals are human.
Therefore, all liberals are racist.