Should An Artist's Work Be "Sanitized" To Appease A Potentially Sensitive Audience? Should Their Work Not Be Seen Or Heard As They Intended It To Be?

Whether It's A Recording Artist, Movie Producer, Photographer, or Painter-- I'm Talking About All Forms Of Art. Can It Even Be Called "Art" Any Longer If The Artist's Work Has To Be Altered So As Not To Offend?

Image for post Should An Artist's Work Be "Sanitized" To Appease A Potentially Sensitive Audience? Should Their Work Not Be Seen Or Heard As They Intended It To Be?
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No to censorship in art

@VicZinc No to censorship in art

How about the celebration of rape and rap?

@Sukiesnow How about the celebration of rape and rap?

Can't draw a line, because if I do someone will move it. Next think you know I can draw pictures of god or sing about Santa Claus.

@Sukiesnow Of course...with your rules... But can you admire that?

I don't like rap music - it promotes boasting, punching and rudeness toward hoes. All thing I cannot support. But I won't tell others not to listen to it.

No. If someone wants to make art that is so personal that no one else understands it, or if it's art that people find offensive, that's his/her prerogative. Just as people have the right to "vote" with their money, and not support any art they think is crap.

Good question. I would say NO but on the other hand...I did object to the violence of rap when I first heard it...

I wouldn't like to see any restrictions on art, but then again, there will always have to be some restrictions such as sexualied images of children. They are illegal in every country yet if they were displayed in an artistic way, would we have to accept them as art? Yet then some galleries take this to the opposite extreme, so there's the line that Vic was talking about. I feel conflicted with this question.

Or displayed only where people expect to see offensive art.

Nope, no censorship.

It should ALWAYS be seen as it was intended. Never sanitized.

It depends. Some think dead animals, poop, pee, blood, and even literal trash are art.

A culture is born, grows, turns decadent, and collapses, all in a set pattern that is repeated endlessly. Symptoms as it nears collapse include a notable loss of quality in the arts. Television used to feature professional conversationalists on shows like "I've Got A Secret" and "Hollywood Squares". There were family shows like "Leave It To Beaver" and "Mayberry RFD". Over a period of sixty years, the change in programming is remarkable.

Other symptoms of collapsing culture are demands to close the borders to immigrants at the same time basic service jobs are taken over by immigrants because citizens refuse to do them. National defense is given to mercenaries because citizens refuse to serve. (A whole generation left the country to avoid the draft.) Welfare rolls increase, numbers of government employees swell, taxes rise out of control. Do you recognize any of these symptoms?

No! I'd rather know the artist's true colours, pardon the pun, than not. Oh, and no 18+ restrictions either. No matter what the legal system calls it, it's a retrograde and hypocritical construct meant to be trodden on. The only law that matters in art is copyright. Anyone, any age, any art.