Predictions 2017

OK, this might be fun! I remember when Art Bell was on the radio, one of my favorite segments was toward the end of the year, listeners would call in with their predictions for the upcoming year. There would be all flavors from predictions of Earthquakes, assassinations, scientific discoveries, scandals - you name it - someone had a prediction.

So, how about we make our own predictions for 2017! Ground rules that I have no way to enforce are as follows;
Only one prediction per comment.
If someone already predicted it - come up with another one. No sense in everyone predicting the same thing over and over. First predictor wins anyway.
Always gotta follow terms of service!
I'll try to come up with a way to catalog the predictions and next year, we can see who actually predicted stuff correctly!
Oh yeah, I mentioned winning - Well, can you imagine the bragging rights if you predicted something accurately? HUGE - Amirite? PLUS - that's right, there's more! You win 1,000 times the cost of your initial entry fee [which happens to be nothing.]

You're gonna want to get the the friends family and pets in on this one!
Have fun!