Awkward/Uncomfortable moment: When you're eating and someone is staring at you.

I'm at the airport right now and while I was eating, while waiting for the Boarding Gate to open, there was a lady staring. Okay, I get it - you're hungry and stuff in the airport is expensive. Now let me eat in peace ✌

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That is very uncomfortable, I usually just look away, but if they continue to stare, I stare right back and pretty soon they look away. I won't be intimidated by someone in a restaurant.

Take a big bite, chew a few times, then open wide with tongue extended slightly. She'll get the hint.

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Lol, I checked. There was only me there xD

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Janitor. I have been under a tv before it is uncomfortable to think are they looking at me or the tv. Read a book it takes mind off it.

I would turn around or just ignore if I can't walk away from that person.

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Just turn around they can't watch you.. Or better yet stare right back to try and figure out why they are doing that, start acting nuts they will not want to keep watching.

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That woman must be must have a liquid sandwich. gross..

I don't like being watched while i'm eating...

Why is the flag of this post the Russian Federation? WTF?!

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@Sofia Why is the flag of this post the Russian Federation? WTF?!

Tell the mods and reset your password to be safe.

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It is. I already talked with Serenity. I did a test post, and it was Portugal again confused smilie

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Uuuggghhh! Eating looks gross on everyone...

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That could get that young lady in trouble...!:)

Haha.. I usually solve this by staring back at them.

Oh I typically don't eat in front of others & if I happen to do so, I tend to share.

I stare back at them in a sexy way while deep throating my napkin