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I like the article, and I know that no device will ever replace actual 'print books' for me.

I am an avid reader and have been for 50 years. While I always enjoyed reading "books", I am so happy with e-readers for a number of reasons. The font seems to be getting smaller and smaller in books, making them more difficult to read and causing eye strain. As people get older, they tend to need a bigger font (Which you can do in e-readers). I knew of people many years ago who had to give up reading altogether because they simply couldn't make out the words. I think they are a great tool. I also travel quite a bit for extended periods of time. It's convenient to carry 50+ books on an e-reader. It's also a great way to instantly buy the next book in a series or try out samples from new authors.

I am tired of putting up with sites that flap me in the face with pop-up images and html5 razzle-dazzle. I will get my science from a source that treats me with more respect.