Trump once stated that when Obama was elected, the whole world was "laughing". How hard do you think the world is laughing now that we've elected a tv producer who thinks "bigly" is a word?

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I don't think anyone is laughing at this point, they are in awe and disgust that the American people could have voted in this idiot who does nothing but lie and cheat. And that now our allies won't have the America they could always depend on. So now we have a reality star who is so thin skinned that whenever anyone, no matter who they are, union guy, White House spokesman and the latest a Vanity Fair owner panning Trump's steak house, he goes on Twitter and bashes that person, how immature and childish is that.

I'm ashamed of Americans for voting this fool in to the highest office in the land and he will make America the laughing stock of the world.

Boy you got suckered into that one! I bet a Krispy Kreme that Trump knew desperate lefties like Flyboy would grab onto 'bigly' bigly and try to shame him. You are being played like a cheap fiddle Flyboy.

What a maroon.

Laughing, and 'pissed off'.

I don't think the whole world is laughing - there's way too many that applaud his wining. But there is many waiting to see America destroy itself and other are shaking their heads in disappointment.