When a man tells you it's okay to grab women's genitalia, on a scale of 1-Hillbilly, how badly would you want him to be president?

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That's just one of many that Trump has done. He should never have been elected. What were people thinking? Well, they are about to find out in a few days, and it isn't going to be pretty.

Don't believe him Fly! Even Trump apologized for a similar comment he made in a private conversation to some dum ass reporter that got fired for putting it out there.

Thanks to all the 'desperate, badly informed lot', that voted Trump in, misogyny is the new norm.

Zero but in all fairness, I think the question was more like choose one of the following:
1) A sharp stick in the eye
2) A hammer on the kneecap

If we eleminated all men (or women) who ever made a comment about the opposite sex, in a locker room or private setting, we'd never have a "man" or a "woman" president.