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Apparently Bolivia has caught on to something. I wonder when we will.

Good, a nation that is starting to get rid of corruption. Hope their future is prosperous and hopefully other nations, even my own, become free from such thing

Morales dismisses a lot of things. He even told Bill Gates to pound sand when he offered a bunch of chickens and equipment to set some people up as chicken farmers in Bolivia. The offer was treated as more of an insult. Besides, in Bolivia the government owns everything. There are a lot of subsistence farmers but 91 percent of the country's agricultural land is tied up in just 4 percent of the farms. Government owns the 91%. Oh, and did I mention one of their mainstay crops is coca - no, not chocolate - coca, the raw ingredient of cocaine.

I don't know about Rothschild banks or the impact this has - I'm just saying Morales and Bolivia are infected pimples on the ass of the Earth.

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Partially nationalized some things?

The government owns agriculture - and natural resource production. The economy is increasingly stagnant because of government interference.

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91% Government ownership of agricultural land is a bit too far to be considered 'partial ownership' in my book.