Did you have an imaginary friend when you were younger?

Image for post Did you have an imaginary friend when you were younger?
29% Yes, I did 4% Yes, still do 67% No,never
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Yes, he was a tiger tabby kitty named Jordon. He could talk and advise me.

An animal for an imaginary friend?

But of course.


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No, never did, I had too many siblings. lol

No, never did. Too much to do. But my nephew did, a cow, cant rember her name. Used to follow them when they went places cuz she obviously couldent fit in the car. He is now a real life cowboy.......

Carlas avatar Carla No,never +3Reply

I never did have one, myself. I couldn't choose the "No, never" option though, because I think I get why some little kids might have one.

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play cards I guess imagination can do anything eh?

Not sure. They all appeared real.

I don't remember having one.

Heck yeah, he's still my friend! You just can't see him.o_o smilie

No. In my upbringing everything had to make sense. EVERYTHING!

SmartAZs avatar SmartAZ No,never +1Reply

no. never.

Skunkys avatar Skunky No,never +1Reply

When I was little I had plenty of real friends in the in town neighborhood, so I didn't need to imagine. Then my family moved out to the country and there were only a couple of people to be friendly with. I still never got a fake imaginary friend. Good for me I am happy to be in my own company and read when I want to go into any imaginative life.