Was "Hand that Rocks the Cradle" a piece of crap movie?

I love all the stars of that movie, but this is the only movie with any of them that I truly can't stand. The way they treat Solomon in that movie (Ernie Hudson's character) is despicable after kicking him out for believing Mott's lies. And the fact that even when they hire him back in the end of the movie, they don't even apologize for doing that to them, like he's gotta suck up to them. That nimrod who directed and the 2 who wrote this movie (Jaffa and Silver) are all pieces of crap for making us look bad. This movie might be the reason why I never will set foot in Washington state. If it's "bro"-hating "Friends"-watching country there, you bet my Latin "bro"-saying "Seinfeld'-watching butt I'm never gonna set foot there. Despicable. The nerve of that ****. I hope Hanson is rotting in Hell right now as we speak, yes I know he died. Not RIP, but rot in Hell.