I just heard a story on on pbs news . Michelle Obama wanted to release a fragrance called obama. But couldn't because it would not be allowed while hubby was in the whitehouse. If she releases her own brand will you be interested? I wouldn't .....do you agree with me?

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Ooops, this must be fake news. lol So much of that is going around now that Trump has entered the picture.

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Right I can't even imagine what it would smell like. Rotten broccoli and snotty attitude:?)

I'll stick with what i already use...

If there is any truth to this, I would definitely be interested. The Trumplets can buy his cheetoh scented "eau de fuck off suckas" fragrance for $1.99 at your favorite roadside stand. Serves 'em right! hehe smilie

I don't even want to think about what it would smell like.

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Probably not. I wonder if the house will need to be sanitized against that before the new people move in.

Turns out, it's already on the market - no joke, found this on amazon!
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When analyzed I think we'll discover a mixture of essence of dog shit & pure arrogance oil. I expect it will be marketed in novelty shops, displayed right next to Billy Beer.

Budwick. I can't believe you really found that. Ha Ha