I really hate school. Every day I am humiliated and my anxiety makes everything worse. I know I don't belong there, but I can't be home schooled or do online school. The teachers make me feel bad when I don't know things, and force me to prove my worth by taking rigorous tests. It pains me to go to school and I really want to tell people about how I feel, but no one listens to me. It feels like a prison that tells you what you are supposed to be like and what you should do when you are older. They make you feel dumb when you don't get good grades, and that's how everyone sees you. Even though you try your best, you just don't belong there, it doesn't feel right. It's not right. If anyone feels like this too, I'd like to know I'm not the only one.

School has begun consuming my entire life. I am so stressed that I barely sleep, and when I do, I have nightmares about school. I'm not getting the best grades but I'm trying really hard and doing my homework and studying... I have really bad test anxiety and therefore do really bad on them, and it's hard to do work in such terrible environments.

50% I completely feel you 0% What are you even talking about 0% I guess I feel this way a little bit... 0% I don't feel like this 13% I absolutely love school! 13% Everything you just said is wrong 13% THIS ACTUALLY DESCRIBES MY ENTIRE EXISTANCE 13% Other
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Your post reminded me of my school years. I very well might have been the poorest kid in a private high school. While the other kids were driving in new cars their parents gave them on their birthdays, I was wearing horrible cloths my Mom got me at the Goodwill. It was rough. I was bullied. Never had a date with any of the girls at school. Constantly felt awkward and alone.

If your school has a counselor I suggest you give that person a try. Like Maze said above, you are not alone. Just focus on your studies and do your best.

One last thing. It's very difficult to concentrate on your school work when you're anxious and/or depressed. It is not your fault. Just do your best and you'll have nothing to regret.

Good luck.

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Yeah, my teenage years sucked too, most people's do. They call it teenage angst, it's totally normal. That doesn't really change the fact that it sucks, but it might give you some perspective, it's something a lot of us (maybe all of us) go through to one degree or another. The first time I recall thinking of what a drag school was and how I couldn't wait to be grown up and for this shit to be over was in elementary school, grade 4 I think.

What I noticed is, when you've completed your education, your life becomes a whole lot less regimented. Where once I had to drag my butt out of bed for lots of work and no pay, now if I have to be somewhere, it's either work or a family thing, so I only move for love or money, lol. It's a different dynamic kicking your own ass to get out of bed, it takes some getting used to, especially if you're used to being told what to do like I was, but in general, adulthood is very liberating.

When the day comes when you've completed your studies and you've got a decent job and your own place, the crap you're going through now will be a distant memory that reminds you how good you've got it.

Good advice above. Hang tough , good luck and Merry Christmas!

For a guy who hates school, you sure have wonderful skill in English Composition. What you need now is vocal skill: drama, story telling, public speaking. You probably will have to learn that at the local college, since high school is nothing more than supervised play. That alone will improve your earning power more than any other detail. Since you are going to community college, take a civics class and a personal financial management class so you learn some things that you actually need to live like a normal citizen.

Your feelings about school are no different than the hundreds of millions of others who attended school. Like those others, you just have to suck it up, cooperate, and graduate.