I really hate school. Every day I am humiliated and my anxiety makes everything worse. I know I don't belong there, but I can't be home schooled or do online school. The teachers make me feel bad when I don't know things, and force me to prove my worth by taking rigorous tests. It pains me to go to school and I really want to tell people about how I feel, but no one listens to me. It feels like a prison that tells you what you are supposed to be like and what you should do when you are older. They make you feel dumb when you don't get good grades, and that's how everyone sees you. Even though you try your best, you just don't belong there, it doesn't feel right. It's not right. If anyone feels like this too, I'd like to know I'm not the only one.

School has begun consuming my entire life. I am so stressed that I barely sleep, and when I do, I have nightmares about school. I'm not getting the best grades but I'm trying really hard and doing my homework and studying... I have really bad test anxiety and therefore do really bad on them, and it's hard to do work in such terrible environments.