Is Spanish culture (Spain and former colonies including Argentina) rife with ignorance?

I don't mean Riveras and Delgados when I say this. I mean those like Lopezes and Martins, any of Visigothic descent. All the indigenous Spaniards don't have their independence.
First of all on an unrelated Spain note should be a Nordic country. Shoutout to Andalusia and Canary Islands and Basque country. Those people are Visigoths. And from what I see given Franco lasted for so long, I don't think this ignorance ended quickly. I think Spain still has it. "Bro"-hating "Friends"-watching but that's besides the point. The Spanish culture is one of ignorance but I mean of real Devil-caused ignorance. The kinda ignorance that was common in Northern Europe and among Jews during the Middle Ages. Most of them are very ignorant of the world. And then they say non-whites, like Italians and Germans, are bad. The evil people are so ignorant it's a tragedy. Some are even abusive to their kids. Every Lopez, Sanchez, Morales, Reyes and Gomez I've known is not only a "Friends"-watching "bro"-hating white racist but they're also very ignorant about the world. Danes, Swedes, Israelis, Scots are arrogant and racist and "bro"-hating "Friends"-watching too but even they're not ignorant. I'm Guzman, Puerto Rican and my dad's family (both his real and adoptive) are some of the most ignorant bastards I've known. These countries have had some of the most merciless dictatorship like Portfalio Diaz, in Mexico, an ignorant ****, that only prove that the Nazis and Fascists were not bad.

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