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This story is remarkable in ways that I don't think were intended. The article reports;

""Is it really defendable and appropriate that someone else has spent time on folding the toilet paper you are just about to use?" he writes.

Recognizing this wasted work, Ljung estimated how much time is spent folding toilet paper in hotels each and every year. Recruiting his two kids as co-authors (ages 11 and 13, based out of the respectable Stocksundsskolan School), Ljung clocked sixty attempts to fold a basic toilet paper design (shown below). The average folding time was 5.73 seconds.

Ljung says his seemingly silly paper has a serious undertone.

"Should we really encourage useless work tasks?""

Hmmm, Useless work tasks - you mean like your lame ass study?

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It's easier to grab... Oh..that reminds me...I have to change my own roll...ha...sometimes I think of just hanging a burlap sack infront of the toilet and dumping it all in...

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Long explanation, but the world really needs to learn to understand this concept so they can stop throwing cliches around. And stop doing allegedly scientific studies based on preconceived notions.

The folding is necessary. It points the way. I've had some interesting New Year's Eve nights at hotels and found that arrow helpful.

I saw a reality show on Costco...the amount of time one woman spends on the study of TP is unbelievable... They go into the cheapest paper and study the quality vs. the function...she gets a lot of laughs when she tells ppl what she does for a living...

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Hotels fold toilet paper? since when?

Always. The ones that want you to think they are high class.

These so-called "scientists" like to get paid for doing nothing.

I hope Trump cuts this nonsense off completely.

Oh I bet they put up with less shit than I do at my job...I am kinda jealous

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