If you could sit and have a coffee with anyone in history, would you? And how would you steer the conversation?

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Me either. And, well, i would love to talk with davinci. In a place where he couldnt be judged. Im certain i would be humbled

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Wow, interesting ...

I would love to spend some time over coffee with Jesus - with maybe a little Ashkenazic coffee cake.

I wouldn't presume to steer the conversation at all - I would do a lot of listening!

@Carla Maybe my use of "steer" was mistook. But you would have questions, no?

Millions! But I wouldn't waste a moment of time with Him with me babbling! He would know what I need to know.

That is and always has been a tough question. Whose converstation would I value? I'd say my father...but we might spend most of the time arguing... I'd say Jesus...as long as the converstation might be a little with-it...and not full of stories with a moral...

I still don't know.

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Good second choice! That would be a blast.

Funny "OK, I want to meet Jesus first, but if He is busy, how about the Beatles ... the EARLY Beatles!" [it made me laugh]

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You're a funny guy Free.

I remember seeing Hard Days Night at the theater back when the Earth had just cooled. I was certain it was the best movie .... ever. I bet they had a great time filming it.

Jesus. I most likely would not start the conversation, I'd just sit there and bask in the glow of his love, mercy, compassion, forgiveness.

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Oh why? I can't see any reason talking to her..So you should say a reason you are interested?

Jesus Christ.

Trooper. OK I see your point, as I read the question again, wouldn't Princess Di have liked a cup of tea rather than coffee , I couldn't think of anyone I really wanted to talk to that is the reason I asked why.

Moses. Was it the Red Sea or the Reed Sea? And what happened when he brought water from the rock? That must have really hurt, leading the people for forty years and then being banned from the promised land.

BTW here is a simulation of how that might have happened:

the foundign fathers, to make sure all weapons are included in the constitution so that idiot liberals cannot twist it to fit their demented agenda