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I guess, as typical, you didn't read the post which includes thing such as damage of property. Highly illegal.

In my world, you don't purposely disrespect people's religion or race etc.. But I can't say much for others...

It's okay, it's hard for some people :)

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Look at all the hate directed at Trump and his supporters by the mainstream media, it's constant, and it's come out that the media was colluding with the DNC. The DNC was caught on camera talking about how they were running an organized campaign to hire people to create violence at Trump events. That's massive. People getting beat up for being white or wearing a MAGA hat, there are numerous instances of that caught on tape. Are those classified as hate crimes? Are the media considered to be spreading hate? I'd say they are. But if all that violence and hatred directed at people for supporting a political candidate causes any kind of reciprocal behavior in anyone, oh THAT'S hate, yeah, THEY'RE bad people. Give me a break, I'd say the right has been very restrained in it's response to the deluge of violence and hatred directed at them by the left. If you want to see the source of hate and division in the US, just turn on the news.

@Maze Look at all the hate directed at Trump and his supporters by the mainstream media, it's constant, and it's come out...

Show me video pr evidence of trump supporters being beat up for being a trump supporter

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Now can you imagine the reverse of this? If gangs and gangs of Trump supporters started assaulting Libtards in their cars and on the streets? The best they have to complain about is some author-less graffiti.

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@Mcfly Yea. If* Lmao. I guess that's all you can do? I understand :)

Not very lucid McFly. Are you suggesting there are videos of large groups of Trump supporters attacking Hillary's sycophants? If so, please post.


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Really - The SPLC??? Did you not get the national memo on their bias?

"At least 2,000 of the educators who responded to the questionnaire reported instances of bias and racial slurs leveled against white students following Donald Trump’s election, the Post found. However, those instances did not make it into the SPLC’s final report, “The Trump Effect: The Impact of the 2016 Presidential Election on Our Nation’s Schools.”

Most skinheads draw the swastika backwards, because they're idiots, so I'm calling BS on this one. More than likely a bunch of Hillary-loving feminazis are behind it instead.

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Crime is crime and free speech, not "hate speech."

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Remember those reports of fake news recently? Flyboy would be a typical suspect - if one were to profile.

Blah, blah and blah. No race, religion, gender, preference, place of origin or political opinion deserves or should be the victim of any physical violence. Speech that directly oncites violence is already illeagal. But its a fine line. Its just a shame that groups that propogate hate and intolerence still have enough supporters to still be "groups"

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I wonder.... Is it a hate crime when 'Black Lives Matter" protesters beat white people. Is is a hate crime when black men punch Trump supporters in the face?

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Sorry hun Vandalizing people's property with words of hate is never okay.

I'd beat up the jerk and make him make for the damages.


Any honestly, I'm all for making hate speech legal.

Doesn't mean it's a good sign of anything though LOL

Oh but wait, Trump has promised all crime and hate will disappear on his first day in office. We're waiting Donald.....

Hate to break it to Mcfly, but Trump isn't in office yet. These hate crimes, are the doing of the progs, and during Obama's "watch".

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So in America, it's okay to have your property vandalized for your religion or race and complaining makes you sensitive?


Please stop it. Everyone knows you're not as tough as you try to look. I mean it's hilarious, but please haha.