For those who seen "Boyz n the hood" does that movie reject "eye for an eye"?

For me, this movie is the most Christian and MLK of all hood movies (Southern hood movies don't really count cause a lot of Southern black folks have a fear of their white counterparts, 100% justified because of the past), but here was an unafraid big shot named Tre Styles, who, when that racist self-hating cop Coffey pulls him offer, who was capable of seeking revenge (whether in the form of violence or through a lawsuit) but CHOSE not to do it, and forgave him, and we forget about him. And this wasn't because his life was threatened. Coffey didn't shoot anyone. He humiliated him but didn't kill him.

This would have been a Northeast movie, like "New Jersey Drive" (although Emil Roscoe was a murderer against youth stealing cars, so it's a bit different), (1) types like Tre would be branded "****-kissers", and (2) it would have been drama - either a lawsuit or physical retaliation