Is there any fam you got a phobia of?

Yes, one of them in Ohio. I have two fams in Ohio. And unlike me, they're Visigoths. And so this dumb girl who's married to my cousin thinks she's a white girl married to a Latin. And I think she's Italian too. She is so dumb.
They're white. Their surnames end with -ez. They're goddamn white. If they were Riveras, and hence "bro"-saying "Seinfeld"-watchers, I would understand, but they're not. They're white. And Italians are not white. What kinda dumb woman is this?
I am not going to visit them anymore for that. I'll visit the other family that lives a few blocks from them. They see themselves as white, and correctly so. Germanic tribes are white. This is like the idiots who thinks Jews aren't white. Another bunch.
Bet she thinks "bro" is Visigothic, white or black slang too. Dumb ****.