Are some racists truly dumb?

See I'm half Visigothic. Here's where the dumb racists come from -- actually not even the Avileses are this stupid. I'm Guzman (it was said about this site, the white, "bro"-hating "Friends"-watching half of my family). Someone in my Rivera family (I won't name their names) said I was gonna come out dark because of my father's family. WHAT THE HELL? Does that nimrod actually know that Visigoths (-ez surnames) are GODDAMN white? And they acutally think their race is white. DUMB. And second, they probably think "bro" is black or white (Visigothic included).

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Dumb racists = them
Smart racists = KKK (against non-whites), Nazis/Fascists (against whites), Black Panthers.
A hoodlum gangsta has more value than the one who made the remark.
This is my arrogant proper Guzman side speaking doing sarcastic faces and mockery, not the "bro"-saying Rivera in me, although they would agree with my sentiment.

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They're only dumb if they got it wrong. My dad's family is white. This maternal aunt of mine (who isn't white by the way, but thinks she is) actually thought they I was gonna come out with "color", which makes her racism dumb. If the racism was coming out of my dad's family (and it has) then they wouldn't be stupid. Visigoths are white. This nimrod in my family actually believes they're not but darker Siclians are. The KKK and all the real Latin racists are laughing at this person as we speak. "Bro" is black or white slang to this nimwit.

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True, but if you get facts wrong in the process, then you're dumb. She thinks my family isn't white (wrong), and that's stupid. My family's racism against non-whites isn't dumb. They correctly label them as non-whites (not including the racism aspect). This twat, on the other hand, also thinks Visigoths are not white. WRONG. Saying my family isn't white is like saying 1 + 1 = 999.

Most likely this same nimwit she thinks "bro" is black or white (Visigothic, but they'll refer to Lopezes as though they aren't white) slang. Don't even get me started on that one. She's dumb.

That's she's racist is not dumb. Why she's racist is what makes her dumb.


Smart racists? A Lopez hating me because I'm a "bro"-saying Rivera "wog."

Dumb racist? Someone thinking Lopezes aren't white and for that being racist against them. The latter is just laughable not cause it's an act of racism, but the reason behind it. The former is truly messed up. The latter is something you can't possibly be mad at. The former is. That's how the latter one is.

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I don't know what you're talking about so here is a dog sitting on an elephant's head.

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