What is the most stupid thing you've ever admitted to?

Being the "victim" (if I even was) of some idiot's racism in my family. And it's not the fact that they're racist that makes them dumb. It's the circumstance that makes it dumb. Much like the nimrods who idiotically think "bro" is black or white slang (Visigothic included in white even though these nimrods treat them as though they're not white), one of my family members on mom's side actually thought (idiotically), that I would come out non-white (one they actually think they and Italians are white and that Visigoths aren't [my dad's surname is Guzman] and for that reason I was come out with "color"). I mean this has to be the most nonsensial, stupid experience I had when I was a kid (and I didn't even know it). See if this had been the other way around, and I was made fun for being part-Rivera (and hence a "bro"-saying wog in their eyes with "color") by a Pedroza (which probably did happen), then, I wouldn't be finding this stupid. I'm non-white Rivera "bro"-saying (hence that's obviously gonna get some "Friends"-watchers annoyed at my presence). I am in awe of how dumb people can be. She probably thinks "bro" is black or "Visigothic" slang (since us Visigoths aren't white to her) too rolls eyes

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