Senior adviser "can't keep up" with Trump's tweets. Hmm... Tweets constantly to complain, can't handle criticism from anyone including comedy shows, and tans so much he sometimes looks orange. Did we elect a president or a teenage girl?

Senior adviser on Trump's diplomacy: 'I can't keep up with the tweets'Former CIA director responds after president-elect uses Twitter to respond to China’s seizure of a US drone, as John McCain condemns incidenthttps://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/dec/18/senior-adviser-on-trumps-diplomacy-i-cant-keep-up-with-the-tweets
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I'd call you racist for making fun of his skin colour but realized he did that to himself
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hehe smilie

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According to Conservatives, this man will make America great again.
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... By bringing more business to tanning salons?

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Does he also constantly tweet to complain, or tan himself orange?

I guess your example isn't as much as a teen girl. Try again please! :D

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Sure, like any politician.

Unlike Trump and tweens however, he doesn't rely so heavily on twitter :)

is he genetically orange or do you not even not understand the meaning of race? Haha

God, you're hilarious. Keep going!

Teenage girl.