Does it do a disservice to victims' families to say their loved ones committed suicide on 9/11 (jumpers)?

I'm not acting moralistic. I understand what suicide is. But I'm speaking from semantics rather than an emotional view point. Most of these people did not want to die. In a crime, intention often leads to a factor of action, such as if someone got into a fight and killed someone by accident that is, if I'm not mistake, accidental homicide, not murder. In this case, the intent is what matters here. Yes a choice was made (thought not always, some apparently did really escape the flames and acted paranoid, while others were blinded by the smoke and jumped by accident) in most cases because many knew death was impending. But it would do no service to call this suicide when it ain't. If someone jumped from the building before the Towers were attacked, then it would have been suicide.