NYers: anyone think the women at WPIX-11 had the cutest reaction to the 9/11 attacks?

I love watching the WPIX coverage of the attack, because the women were truly crying and Melinda Murphy's footage from NIST FOIA
it's so cute to watch. I just fell in love with them. I love watching it. They covered a horrible day with such a warm, tearful heart (some of them were crying as the Towers were falling down, but only Melinda Murphy was really crying, but that's off-network footage from NIST). When the other network didn't show their emotions (not that that makes em bad). It really shows you what good hearts those people covering it at WPIX-11 had. And this is the same network that bought syndication rights to "Seinfeld" too to add more love to those folks.
It was like watching a cute family movie with sad thematic elements (obviously cause of the attack)
Lovely ladies.
I feel like I'm around fam. :D

The main anchor at WPIX-11 was a Latina. Probably a "bro"-sayer. I know her last is not Visigothic. LOL Rivera or Delgado.