HALL OF FAME BOARD: There seems to be quite a few posts about the HOFB lately and the people that are on there. Let me set the record straight. First, I don't care for the Board and if they do away with it, so be it, but that's up to management. Second, people that are on there have no control of the points. People can ask a lot of questions but if no one gives them up votes or favorites they will never be on there. I don't ask a lot of questions but I do reply to some and people seem to like my comments, therefore I am on that Board some times. Third, if those of you that are grumbling about the Board and those that are on it, if you don't like it stay away. No one is forcing you to like or dislike it or even look at it, just ignore it, if it's so distasteful to you. Maybe you dislike the Board only because of the people that are on there. And I speak for myself, I'm not on there for attention or popularity. Why anyone would think that needs to reexamine their own lives. Maybe they are the ones seeking attention. Some malcontents have even suggested that those on the Board do nothing but sit at their computers all day, eating bonbons, and drinking cokes. lol I wish that were true. But if someone wants to do that, why should it bother anyone else, enough to make snide comments about it. And how would they know who spends a lot of time on here, unless they are here themselves watching others. I say to those...get a life, because if the Board means so much to you, you need to get a hobby and quit worrying about petty stuff. Actually, I suggested to Dev many months ago that the Board be dissolved and I think that will probably happen, then you grumblers can find something else to complain about. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to All! Enjoy the site.