Was Waldo on "Family Matters" smarter than most idiot "experts"?

Like i always said, I don't judge a man by education level. Sure Waldo may not have been as educated as he could have been, and he has trouble knowing some stuff. But nevertheless, I found his character to be cool. Sure it gets frustrating to have a conversation with someone who may not have as much knowledge, but I respect Waldo more than someone like Denis Leary, Bruno Mars, Mary Beltran, Dolores Tierney. He's higher on the food chain. A man like him gets my respect. And to all the people who says blacks are dumb, call me a "****-lover" all you want, but I'll hang with a smart black person who knows "bro" is not Visigothic slang, but Italian slang, over some nimwit of white, Hispanic or Indian ancestry who thinks it's white, black or Visigothic.