It's official, Mary Beltran is a nimwit

Not only does she think "bro" is Visigothic slang, incorrectly, she also thinks "Seinfeld" is racist against Hispanics. What is she - an imbecile? She incorrectly thinks Visigoths are Hispanics. To me not only is she dumb. She in one confused woman.

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No, it's a way of saying "pal" and it no, one can't use it too much.

It's just how you use it that signifies if it's sarcasm or real use (I can't stand the new one today used by blacks and whites, who hate the word, but use it sarcastically), as opposed to us Italians/Hispanics who say "bro" in love and a lot and to girls (like white women do these days lol)