Do you believe in gov't regulations in any way or not?

71% Yes 14% No 14% Other
2 8

Some regulation is beneficial, to ensure fairness and protect the public from harm.

Do I believe in them? Well, yes, they're real.

Perhaps you meant, do I agree with them. That's a different story. There are more regulations than most of us imagine. There are regulations about regulations! I think there are far too many regulations. I think there are many unnecessary and over reaching regulations. Some are OK - just too expensive. Others are just plain stupid and should go away. The question is very broad.

No, the rules don't apply.

Some laws need to be enforced mostly because the general population is not able to do the right thing. Speedersand drunk need to be stoped

The rules don't apply to me? This question is pretty general. Is

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8 replies? What happened there?

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