Is there one thing, one act, that pisses you off more than anything else?

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Cruelty. In ANY form.

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YES!! now you're talking... there's one guy that takes the bench press bench and leaves it on the other side of the gym ... every day swear smilie


Them bastards. 乂^◡^乂

Bullying and looking down on others because they are different from what you want them to be.

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I agree with that one. Thanks

Liars, back stabbers, and pretentious snobs.

I'll tell you what really pisses me off! The baby Jesus was born on Christmas day and three months later at Easter they stapled the baby Jesus to a cross, the f-ing barbarians! 乂ᴼₒᴼ乂

People who pile on posts on Justin...:)

Anyone who belittles those who are defenseless or weaker and can't fight back. I've been known to step up and protect the weaker one - in a nice way of course, to avoid confrontation, but still help.

People who interrupt me. I turn around and walk away. They can't cope with that.

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The famous reply on that one is. "I was only joking"! Knock that crap off its not funny!!!

Being dismissed. That will start something.

Oh there is usually more than one thing.

Being publicly humiliated is the first thing that comes to mind. That really lights my fuse & I have a hard time controlling my anger when it happens.

Bullying others fires me up as well. It really strikes a nerve to see someone bullied.

Then there is the Wal-Market cashier that says "Sorry miss, its 12:01 am we can't sell ya after standing in line for 30 minutes. (I am kidding on that one. I can't drink right now even if I wanted to do so)

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There are people who are truly evil.

People who act all tough on the internet, knowing full well they won't ever have to carry out their threats (not that they probably could in the first place)

STUPID questions.

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