When you eat an egg, aren't you glad that it was an egg that fell from the chicken when the person who discovered eggs as a food was sitting there saying "I'm gonna eat the first thing that falls from that chicken's butt"

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Haha! Yes... those are some deep thoughts right there.

I'm pretty sure we have been eating eggs since before we were humans. Long before we ever kept birds, we could identify nests and gather eggs. God only knows how far back that behavior goes. How far back in the evolutionary chain do you have to go to find an ancestor you can be fairly sure didn't eat eggs? I mean, dinosaurs ate eggs, and whatever they evolved from probably ate eggs too. I think you can safely say that eggs started being eaten shortly after they evolved into existence. So, the first person to eat an egg? No such thing.

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I suppose, but they were an amoeba or something.

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