Does Creating A State-Owned Enterprises Holding Company Is The Right Thing To Do? Rini Soenarno, The Current Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) in Indonesia, has created a strategy that is considered to contribute the acceleration of development in Indonesia. In this way, the expected funds for development in Indonesia could be flowing swiftly. These plan are listed in the Roadmap 2015-2016 the framework of SOE called the state-owned holding. This strategies of financial development include many sectors of enterprises such as housing, mining, oil and gas (oil), toll roads, financial services, and food sector. (Marcell, 2016) Until this year, there are about 120 state-owned enterprises are divided into various business sectors such as information and telecommunications, financial services and insurance, mining and quarrying, professional services, and so forth. Several reasons have been formulated by the Ministry of SOEs on the formation of the holding. One of the reason is to strengthen and facilitate the capital investment of SOEs through a synergy between similar SOE to not always depend on the state budget. In addition, funds obtained will be channeled to productive sectors or rill with efficiently and integrated, so that it can be a driver of national economic locomotive to influence globally. (Pratomo, 2016) Enough with the plus side, the establishment of state-owned holding also raises cons. Cons that emerged was the result of the presence of several obstacles that must be resolved accordingly. One of the obstacles most basic is the lack of legal basis that should be consistent with the strategy is on the contrary to be opposed, especially in Act Number 19 of Article 1 of 2003 on State Enterprises, Law No. 5 of 1999 on Prohibition of Monopolistic Practices and Unfair Business Competition, and in Government’s Rules (PP) No. 44 of 2005 on the Administration of the State Capital Investment making SOE and other company, must be limited. So many rules that need to be further amended in order to support this plan, so it must be adjusted to market demand. (Son, 2016) Not only about the law, state-owned holding also reap the problem on their legal status, this issue does relate to the above contention rules. The legal status is not only effecting the companies but also involving employees and permissions. Status of the company, licensing, and standards of employees that have been achieved before the merger is likely to be lost. These risks who need to be well considered by the owners of the company. (Son, 2016) Benchmark Khazanah Nasional Bhd, the Malaysian holding company, acting as a parent of some state-owned companies for commercial purposes. The impact of this establishment is the increase The Added Value of Khazanah. Valuenya up to 3 (three) times within 10 (ten) years of the last, where in 2013 the treasury has a value of US $ 33.04 million, then which previously was only about US $ 10.63 million. Holding Company has now been run globally with a role as an investment holding company for the 11 industrial sub-holding, such as infrastructure, construction, health, etc. The success of the creation of the treasury caused by the sharing of risks or duties in accordance with a clear organizational structure. The divisions are divided into two (2) sections that will be between the board (representatives of government) as a regulator of the macro issues and regulations are directly responsible to the Prime Minister of Malaysia. The second part, the role of management under CEO acts to regulate the micro corporations. (Pranoto & A. Makaliwe, 2014) Based on the problems being faced between Indonesia with examples of cases in Malaysia in essence, this strategy implementation project deserves to be continued, but needed a clear legal status to divide each of the roles needed in these activities. Necessary human and system appoarch to invite other business entities Indonesia and analyze the form holding company, operating systems, as well as finding the ideal strategy in the practice of holding. Many things done by any measures that is expected to function as a way to create a holding company of the country. The hope of these holding companies that can provide great benefits to the Indonesian people and also be able to compete globally

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I don't support state owned enterprise.
I do support antitrust actions; limiting income through progressive tax policy; strong pro labor legislation and environmental regulations.

Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises is all one needs to know. This government is one of oppression and power hungry leadership.

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