If people want to "fix" the American economy, how bad of a idea was it to elect a man born with millions but still had to file for bankruptcy at least 4 times?

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It's a very bad idea. Trump knows nothing about the economy and how the rest of us live. If he can't pay his debts, then how on earth will he ever be able to improve the economy. He's a con man and his supporters will soon find that out ASAP.

You neglect to point out that he turned "millions into billions."

Seems like a reasonable enough question to me. And here's the terrible answer:

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Trump has had failures because he's done things, the only people who have never failed are people who have never done anything. If you look at it from a different angle, if your country is bankrupt, you need a leader who knows how to pull a large organization out of bankruptcy and make it successful.

“Success teaches us nothing; only failure teaches.” Hyman G. Rickover

Hyman George Rickover (January 27, 1900 – July 8, 1986) was a United States Navy admiral ... Rickover is the only person who has ever been awarded two Congressional Gold Medals. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyman_G._Rickover

good businessman my ass! Where's the Taj Mahal now??

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