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That something bad will happen to my kids. And now that Trump is President, I'm scared to death for our country.

A lot of things that haven't happened yet...

I'm still working on my fear based issues... They say that if you fear something it will happen. But but but but...everyone fears something...EVERYONE, it's generally subconscious...and also found in your dreams...

So...the focus is: what to do?

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Eternity. I hate the thought of forever and ever.

I will live too long

Oh this one is easy it is being put under for my surgery. I find out next week if I will have to knocked out for it or not.

People I love dying or getting hurt.
Me getting hurt.
Spiders and anything "crawley".

I think that's about it.

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That I'm not fast enough

And no one fears the Paranormal. gst smilie

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