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greed: a selfish desire for something, especially money

"We republicans think we should surrender as little of our money as possible"

OK look. I am not saying 'greed is bad' in fact John Stossel made a rather persuasive argument that it should be a virtue and not a sin. It not up to me to judge, but lets face it, its pretty silly to argue that some group is not one thing by using an example of how they are that one thing.

Not 'all' republicans are any-one-thing, that alone any-three-things. Not all people think they are those three things (and only people who are not true liberals would lump and entire class of people under one umbrella - that's called prejudice.)

Calling yourself a socialist (Hitler, Mussolini) doesn't make you one. They adapted those labels to get elected in a time when Europe was in need of reform. For example Trump called himself a 'populist' - news flash!

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