Why does this site have to be formatted so badly?

this site is absolutely crap when it comes to responding to and reading answer replies (confusing), and searching for "recently answered questions", as well as the "new questions asked".. this site is formated terribly!! and i wish that the time stamp on the questions and answers would be changed so that we don't have to hover over the clock to see when it was posted!! get rid of the hall of fame (no one wants it) and get rid of the "follow user" and replace it with an "add as friend"

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I've heard rumours from other posts on here that the site is about to undergo a software upgrade. If this is correct it may address some of the issues most reported by members so you might be in luck that change isn't far away.

I find it easy to navigate, but there are some upgrades coming soon.

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I understand what you are saying... We are expecting an upgrade...since the beginning of this month...


to answer your question:

Because 'free will' is an allusion.
This sites current format
was predetermined during the 'big bang'

there was no other possible outcome and so here we are using this site with all its glory. Thank the nature of cause and effect.

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I'm so afraid that the upgrades will make this site hard. I'm not looking forward to them either.

It could be worse. You could be stuck with Yahoo Answers! Or fluther.com where they demand sources for your opinions.

I think the format of this site is pretty good, myself.

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